Women's Vagabond Bree 4033-101-20 Black - Boots

Women's Vagabond Bree 4033-101-20 Black - Boots

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Vagabond Bree 4033-101-20 Black

The Vagabond Bree 4033-101-20 Black are a great-looking pair of black looking shoes. The Swedish company has become known for their comfortable and stylish shoes that can be worn whether you are looking for a pair of shoes to wear to the office or when just relaxing. Vagabond Bree is made entirely of black leather, which gives them an elegant look whilst also giving off a casual vibe as well.

Platform shoes with good leather

The first thing that will draw your eye with the Vagabond Bree's are the high soles. These are 3.5 cm high and are made of a high quality rubber that can hold up against even the toughest of conditions. The outer zipper is more decorative than the inner zipper is and a good tip to follow when it comes to these shoes is to only use the inner one. This way you will avoid wearing the other one down too soon.

Comfortable and fashionable shoes

These shoes look great when paired with nice trousers or jeans in the fall or winter when you are looking for a nice pair to keep you warm. The simple design of these shoes is great when you are looking for a trendy look while still maintaining a casual feel. By matching these with jeans and a winter jacket you have the perfect combination of style with elegance to look great no matter the occasion.

Care instructions

These shoes from Vagabond are made of leather and need to be taken care of to ensure that they maintain their amazing look. The first step is to always use a brush to remove any loose debris that may have been able to build up if not taken care of. You can also use shoe care products on the leather to add an extra layer of protection to keep them looking as great as possible. You can even impregnate them before ever taking them out to get the most out of them.
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